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Bed bug detection dogs:

Bedbug dogs

Due to the globalization and the increased desire to travel the bed bug infestation occurs more frequently. For a long time they were considered extinct in Germany.

Because they are nocturnal, they live hidden during the day and are not recognizable to the naked eye because of their small size.

The bed bugs are very complex in fighting and largely resistant to the existing insecticides.

Here comes the advantage of the detection dog into the game, which finds the bugs by its enormous odor performance!

Immediate and fast result



The conventional search without a dog can take several hours.

Skirting boards and sockets have to be dismantled

Furniture need to be moved

Carpets have to be removed

A lot of different places need to be searched e.g. curtain folds, bed throws, mattress seams, behind pictures and so on.

Bedbug detection dogs are the most effective solution:

Bedbug dogs

For suspected bed bug infestation. The use of early diagnosis has the advantage that the bed bug infestation is quickly located before it can spread widely.

Prophylactic screening as proof for non-presence of bed bugs.

Subsequent search as proof of success after the pest control.

The dog handler and his dog (team) are regularly reviewed and certified annually by the Bed Bug Foundation (www.bedbugfoundation.org). This ensures that a high quality standard is given.

Our detection dogs can be used in private homes as well as in social facilities, airplanes, buses, trucks or ships etc.

Not to be underestimated are the emotional and psychological strains a bed bug infestation can cause.

Early detection prevents uncontrolled spreading.

Regular checking with the dog allows hotels, guesthouses, holiday apartments etc. to prevent any existing bed bugs from spreading uncontrollably, thus keeping the cost of pest control under control.

In addition, the well-being of the guests, the customer satisfaction and the good image can be maintained and ensured in the long term.

In the event of an infestation, a pest controller should always be consulted for expert control.

Lack of hygiene is no reason for bed bugs, because they are parasites that are imported!

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